2014 Mid-South Scholastic Art Awards

This year Lewisburg competed in the Mid-South Scholastic Art Awards against middle and high schools in Memphis and North Mississippi. Out of the 50 schools that had students recognized, Lewisburg had 7 students win 13 awards. What the Scholastic Art Awards mean for our Art students is roughly what a State Championship means to a high school athlete. Of the 13 awards received, 4 were awards of distinction; more than any other public high school in the competition. This year Mallory McAlister won the Drawing Award for the senior division. Her piece was considered the best drawing for all Juniors and Seniors competing in the event and it will go on to compete at the national level in New York City.. Dominic Serpico won the Portfolio Award, the Glass/Ceramics Awards, and also received an American Visions nomination. His portfolio was considered the best portfolio in the competition and it will go on to compete at the national level in New York City. His teapot which won the Glass/Ceramics award was considered the best piece in its respective category and will also go on to compete at the national competition in NYC later this year. As an American Visions Nominee, Dominic is one of only five students to receive the award this year. He will compete against the other four nominees at the national level to receive recognition in New York. Also noteworthy is Tomie Chase’s Gold Key Award for her Ceramics portfolio. Her portfolio along with all other Gold Key winners will move onto the National Scholastic Awards to compete for Gold or Silver Medal Awards as well as scholarship opportunities. Those students who won awards for LHS include Destin Beach, Tomie Chase, Emma Jeffries, Mallory McAlister, Andrew Pinnow, and Katy Pope, and Dominic Serpico.