Congratulations to Our 2014 District Reading Fair Winners

Congratulations to our 2014 District Reading Fair winners! They will now represent Desoto County in the Regional Reading Fair, held in Oxford on February 22. We are rooting for you!



Kindergarten Fiction- Aiden Munoz              Greenbrook Elementary

First Grade Fiction- Taylor Cook                     Overpark Elementary

Second Grade Fiction- Olivia Zeman              Lewisburg Primary School

Third Grade Fiction- Chase Roberts               Northpoint Christian School

Fourth/Fifth Grade Fiction-Nathan Woods  Desoto Central Elementary

Sixth-Eighth Grade Fiction-Callie Finch         Lewisburg Middle

Ninth-Twelfth Fiction-Catherine Wilson       Lake Cormorant High

Third-Fifth Non-Fiction- Nathan Smith          Overpark Elementary

Sixth-Eighth Non-Fiction-Annie Chan            Center Hill Middle

Kindergarten-Second Family-

              Samuel Ford                                         Greenbrook Elementary

Third-Fifth Group-

             Tyler Henderson                                   Hernando Hills Elementary

             Charles Craig                                         Hernando Hills Elementary

Sixth-Eighth Group-

              Lexie Johnson                                       Center Hill Middle

              Hailey Ellis                                             Center Hill Middle