CTC East – Transportation Logistics

Written by: Mike Doss, Transportation Logistics Instructor

The Transportation and Logistics program is in its second year as part of the Career and Technology Center East.  This program features lessons and activities associated with functions of the Logistics world including warehouse and supply chain management, material handling and transportation, inventory control, intermodal operations and lean distribution processes.  Students are exposed to a wide variety of opportunities and real world experiences through the fully functional 2,500 sq ft. warehouse on the campus of CTC East.

The program instructor for Logistics is Mike Doss.  Mr. Doss is part of the curriculum and activity development team for the state program and has met with many companies throughout the region to insure that this class meets the future employment needs of these organizations.  The program has been a success thus far and boasts a 100% retention rate for students going into their second year.  Companies have already contacted the center to inquire as to when the first class of participants will graduate and career centers across the country are calling for tips on starting their own Logistics program.  Many students have expressed interest in attending post-secondary educational technology centers and colleges.  The Logistics program has a relationship with the University of Southern Mississippi and University of Memphis Transportation and Logistics programs and is working on developing partnerships with other colleges and universities.

A major component of the program has been the relationship with First Book who partners with educational entities throughout the country to assist in distribution of books to non-profit organizations and schools.  The CTC East Logistics class will manage the receipt, storage and shipment of nearly a quarter of a million children’s books from Disney and Random House publishing companies.  In only its second year, CTC East Logistics has become one of the “go to” facilities for the distribution of books.  This allows the students more real world opportunities for experience than most other educational facilities of its kind.  As part of the program with First Book, CTCE Logistics is allowed to retain 5% of all books received for allocation to DeSoto County’s own Title I schools.  This year the program will provide over 10,000 books to local schools at no charge.

Brandon Chism, a second year student and senior from Lewisburg, says that he “enjoys the atmosphere of the class and that the large facility and teamwork are what makes the atmosphere unique.”  He also says that “in addition to logistics functions the class has taught me organization and resume writing skills that I can use in obtaining a job.”  When asked if he would feel comfortable going to work in a warehouse upon graduation he quickly commented “absolutely!”  Michael Lynch, a second year student and senior from Olive Branch, says that he “decided to continue with the second year because he had so much fun and learned so much during the first year.”  Michael also says that he “believes the Logistics program will help him obtain a higher paying job and that he would feel comfortable working as a department area supervisor after completing the program.”  When asked if he would recommend the program to a friend his response was “yes, because I think it offers a great mix of lessons with real work experience.”

The Logistics program is an adventure that prepares our students for the future through the use of 21st century processes and technologies and assists in providing them with the tools necessary for employment upon graduation or post-secondary education success.