DCS Teachers: Thank you for all the hours you put in for our students!

Written by Katie Lepi on September 7, 2013

How Many Hours Do Teachers Really Work?

We have a couple of friends who are married. One is a teacher, and one is not. The non-teacher is always poking fun at the teacher – seemingly mostly in jest- saying that the teacher doesn’t work a lot, gets out of work so early, and doesn’t have to work in the summer- the teacher has it so…. Easy! Right? Wrong.

Just because teachers don’t spend their summers in the classroom doesn’t mean their job is easy by any stretch of the imagination. The handy infographic below offers a few statistics on teachers. While we know that there are many exceptions to the rule (on either end of the spectrum!), many of you will relate to the life of a teacher described here. So, just how many hours do teachers really work?

The Average Teacher…..

  • Earns $49,000 per year
  • Works 9 months
  • Teaches 8 hours per day
  • Arrives early or stays late by about an hour
  • Spends 3-5 hours daily planning, grading, communicating with parents, attending meetings, etc.
  • Spends 2-4 weeks per year participating in continuing education
  • Spends 3 weeks per year planning curriculum
  • Spends 4 weeks per year getting ready for the new school year



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