“DeSoto County Schools’ Math Teachers Teaming up with Other Districts”

by: Michelle Corbin and Chereda Daugherty

CPM Collaboration

OBHS master teacher Gerry Long leads discussion with Claire Johnson from DCHS and SPED teacher David Webb from OBHS.

               Over the summer, teachers from both Clinton and McComb School Districts joined DeSoto County Schools’ math teachers for CPM (College Preparatory Mathematics) training at DeSoto Central Middle School.  With the state’s adoption of the new College and Career Readiness Standards and the new PARCC math assessments, districts across the state are gearing up for the change.  DeSoto County Schools adopted the CPM textbook last year in grades 6-8 for middle school and Geometry and Algebra II for high school to provide teachers with a resource aligned to the new math standards.  This school year we have included Algebra I.  We want to ensure that our teachers are provided the best support and resources during this transition.


These four-day trainings, specifically designed to assist teachers with their specific content, used model teaching and questioning to familiarize the participants with the new material.  Throughout the workshops, teachers were able to model teach a lesson from their specific course.  In addition, the teacher leaders delivered traditionally rigorous mathematical content using a problem-based approach.   A major focus of the CPM textbook is to develop multiple strategies to solve problems and to recognize multiple ways of understanding concepts. The lessons are structured for students to actively collaborate and provide teachers with the freedom of deciding when and how to adjust a lesson for their specific students.  The CPM text emphasizes the connected nature of mathematics and facilitates deeper understanding.


The workshops laid a foundation for learning and implementing strategies where teachers sustain best practice through deep reflective collaboration.  The ultimate goal of the teachers involved in the training was student success.  The teachers were eager to learn and gained a greater understanding of expectations regarding the new math curriculum, PARCC assessments, and aligned resources.


CPM Group

Kristine Fleming from SHS and Hentensia Mixon from HLHS help a Clinton High School teacher understand the CPM method of delivering content

CPM Adam Tipton

Coach-em Up!!!! Coach Adam Tipton from LHS is coaching his group how to solve complex equations.


CPM Teacher

Ms. Ashley McCullar from SHS is modeling a high school math lesson for her group.