Flipped Learning:  Turning ASD On Its Head



Principals, assistant principals, and district administrators “flipped” over the District’s annual Administrative Staff Development hosted by Southaven High School on July 23.  While DCS always strives to provide high-quality professional development, this year the District tried a new approach. Instead of offering multiple days of concurrent sessions, DCS took a “flipped” approach.


The “flipped” approach to professional development allows participants to view videos, PowerPoints, and other materials in advance of the meeting.  This gives them time to digest information and formulate questions.


To prepare for this “flipped” learning, the presenters got set early in the summer.  Throughout the month of June, district administrators, specialists, and coaches coordinated with Mr. George Loper, Chief Instructional Technology Officer, and Mr. Floyd Graham, Videographer, to create professional development videos. These videos were then uploaded to the District website and shared with the administrators. Everyone was expected to view the videos and prepare any questions before attending Wednesday’s training.


When administrators arrived, they were greeted by central office staff and given a treat bag of snacks provided by Cornerstone Church. After a delicious breakfast provided by Habitat for Humanity, the administrators moved to the SHS performing arts center, where Mr. Kuykendall addressed the group. He set a positive tone for the meeting and reminded everyone that DeSoto County Schools has three priorities: 1) Safety, 2) Academics, and 3) Extracurricular Activities.


Dr. Robert Brooks was the keynote speaker.  Dr. Brooks is “one of today’s leading speakers and authors on the themes of resilience, motivation, school climate, a positive work environment, and family relationships. “During the past 35 years, Dr. Brooks has presented nationally and internationally to thousands of parents, educators, mental health professionals, and business people” (http://www.drrobertbrooks.com). He shared a positive and uplifting message about the power of mindsets and encouraged the administrators to serve as “charismatic adults” for DCS students. Many attendees shared his inspiring message on Twitter. See what some of them had to say.


ASD-Dr. Robert Brooks


Three concurrent sessions followed Dr. Brooks’ presentation. The Assistant and Associate Superintendents shared recent updates, introduced new staff, and answered questions. Each group met seperately as the sessions were tailored to meet the needs of the elementary, middle, and high school staffs.


Administrative Staff Development signals the beginning of a new year for DCS administrators. It is an awesome day of learning and collaborating among principals, assistant principals, and district staff. Based on the reactions of the attendees, ASD 2014 was a great success!