High School Students are Stars at PSAT  Workshop

Written by: Patricia Clayton, Maggie Dennis, and Julie Pasterchick, PSAT teachers Southaven High School

Southaven High School teachers rolled out the red carpet for their July PSAT Workshop.  This summer, all eight high schools in DeSoto County hosted PSAT workshops designed to improve a student’s skills, speed, and strategy for testing on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT.  The summer workshop serves as part of the overall PSAT program, which consists of the spring of the 10th grade year, the summer workshop, and the fall of the junior year. 

Southaven High School students were welcomed with a red carpet as they entered the star-studded corridor leading to Southaven High School’s PSAT Workshop July 8-19. During the two-week workshop, students participated in team and individual competitions honing their math, reading, and writing skills.

The Hollywood-themed camp also provided students opportunities to learn strategies for test taking, to review math skills, to improve vocabulary and reading comprehension, and to identify writing and sentence errors. During the two weeks, students competed in The Amazing Race, a Minute to Win it, and a campus wide scavenger hunt, all requiring competitors to complete PSAT questions to advance. Each day focused on a theme, inviting attendees to show their creativity by dressing in character on Pirate Day, Supernatural Day, or Team Spirit Day. The camp culminated in an “Academy Awards” celebration recognizing outstanding performances in both team and individual categories.