Jennifer Weeks Selected for Mississippi’s Technical Review Team

Written by: Meredith Park, Ph.D.

Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Weeks has been selected to serve on Mississippi’s Technical Review Team. The team consists of three psychometricians and four policy makers: Dr. Lee Childress, Superintendent of Corinth City School District; Roy Gill, Curriculum and Instruction/Accountability Director of Harrison County School District; Richard Morrison, Assistant Superintendent of Rankin County Schools; Jennifer Weeks, Assistant Superintendent of DeSoto County Schools.  This group of leaders will work collaboratively with the Mississippi Department of Education’s Accountability Task Force to define the business rules of a technical nature of the new accountability model.

“I am very honored to have been selected to serve on the team to represent DCS,” said Mrs. Weeks.  “For the past year, I have been monitoring the activity of the Accountability Task Force and am excited for DeSoto County to have a voice in this process.  My goal in serving on the technical review team is to make decisions based on what is best for all Mississippi students.”

As a team member, Mrs. Weeks has the task of reviewing components of the new accountability model such as feeder patterns, college and career readiness, and growth of the bottom quartile.  According to the Mississippi Department of Education, the team was formulated in May and will present to the State Board of Education for APA comment at the August board meeting.  A final vote by the State Board will take place at the September board meeting.

“By having Mrs. Weeks serve on the technical review team, I feel that we are able to get correct information in a timely manner on the new accountability model that our state is adopting.  Not only are we able to receive first-hand knowledge, we are able to provide feedback for the team to consider when making decisions.  Mrs. Weeks has always been an advocate for what is best for our students.  The MDE made a good decision to ask her to serve on the team,”  said Shane Jones, Principal of Southaven High School.

Mrs. Weeks is beginning her twentieth year in education.  Prior to serving as Assistant Superintendent, she has previously served DeSoto County Schools as Associate Superintendent of Academic Education, Director of Accountability and Research, and District Test Coordinator.  She previously served as Director of Special Services (including SPED, 504, TST, and Gifted) in New Albany, taught special education classes for six years, and worked as an educational psychometrist for three years. Mrs. Weeks has earned a specialist’s degree in educational leadership, a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, and a bachelor’s degree in special education.  We are fortunate to have the expertise that Mrs. Weeks brings to DeSoto County Schools.