Just Read, DeSoto – District Wide Reading Initiative Announced



“Students will read if we give them the books, the time, and the enthusiastic encouragement to do so…to keep our students reading, we have to let them.”

-Donalyn Miller, The Book Whisperer


Readers: born or made?  It would be our argument that readers are cultivated, nourished, and matured.  The act of reading, in and of itself, is amazingly complex.  To expect that a student would be born with all of the tools needed to be a reader just does not make sense based on what we know about the complexity of reading.  And we believe the same holds true in the development of avid, wild, lifelong readers!


If we want to develop these crazy, wild readers in our classrooms, in our schools, and across our district; children, clearly, need to read a lot.  They need opportunities to explore genres, discover authors, and connect to characters.  However, getting students to pick up books in the first place challenges many parents and teachers.  The question remains: How do we, as educators, cultivate a community of readers and foster a love of reading in our students?


This school year, we aim to address such issues in our district-wide reading initiative: Just Read, Desoto!.  Not only are we planning ways to make students part of a reading community, but we also are targeting professional development opportunities for teachers, librarians, and administrators.


If you have not already done so, we hope you will click into our Twitterverse, joining the community of Desoto County students, parents, community leaders, teachers, librarians, and administrators who simply want to share the love of reading.


For students (K-12), parents, community, and faculty: @justread_dcs

  • Book Chats and Trailers
  • Book Recommendations (Recreational)
  • Sharing (a.k.a. #shelfie_dcs)
  • Author Chats



For faculty and staff (K-12): @justread_dcsedu

  • Professional Development
  • Book Recommendations (Professional)
  • Sharing (a.k.a. #shelfie_dcsedu)
  • Expert Chats


This initiative will officially launch on September 8, 2014, International Literacy Day!  Specialists and coaches will be announcing the details in the coming weeks.  If you are interested in getting further involved, please contact your ELA specialist or coach.  In the meantime, read…wildly!


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