Lake Cormorant Middle School Sponsors 2nd Annual Career Fair

Written by: Kimberly R. Davis, Ed.S., NCC, NCSC, 6th -8th grade Professional School Counselor (N-Z) Lake Cormorant Middle

On Oct. 23, 2013, Lake Cormorant Middle School sponsored their 2nd Annual Career Fair.  All 8th grade students visited kiosks of vendors from various occupations.  The goal was for students to gain insight into occupations that they may not have known existed or had never considered possible for themselves.  Allowing the students to participate in this event afforded them the opportunity to make a mental connection with the current iCAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) standards and purpose and to learn the importance of academic planning in high school. As they visited the different vendors, students completed a questionnaire sheet that they later utilized to submit a paper on careers in their English class. In addition, they had to present the written assignment to their peers.

 The following day, October 24, some of our 8th grade students went on a field trip to Northwest Community College in Senatobia to tour the campus and learn about the different programs offered. The students were able to make real life connections to the things they learned at the career fair and from the completion of their written assignment. The tour guides were very impressed with their behavior, level of knowledge, and the caliber of questions posed.

The career fair and field trip have exposed our students to diverse occupations, fostered communication skills, and promoted student writing.  At LCMS, we believe that involvement of the community will enhance student learning and opportunity for success. We are confident that every student has the ability to be successful.  It is our duty to offer our students the academic tools along with support and encouragement and exposure to different environments that are necessary for them to become productive citizens. We would like to thank all of the volunteers that came to share their knowledge with our students. It was truly appreciated by the students, staff, and parents!