Teachers + Parents = Success 4 All





Parental involvement plays a vital role in the success of a child’s education.  DCS strives to not only have good communication with parents but also provides resources to assist them in enhancing their child’s learning.  It is proven that when schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more.

Since implementing the Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards for Math in the elementary schools, DCS teachers and curriculum staff want to make sure that parents have plenty of resources to help their child at home. For example, K-5 teachers send home parent letters that informs them of the expectations and content being covered in math class throughout the year. 

In kindergarten through grade 2, we have parent letters that introduce each concept or domain and our 3-5 parent letters introduce each big idea or chapter (from the fourth and fifth grade My Math textbook). Parent letters in the primary grades (K-2), break down the standard, define specific vocabulary, as well as explain the expectations for student mastery (by the end of the year). The primary letters also include a Family Practice section with tips and free websites for students and parents. The parent letters for grades 3-5, explain what skills were taught in prior grades, introduce new material to be covered, and the end of the chapter expectations. These letters also highlight specific strategies and include a list of free websites for students needing additional practice.


Example of Third Grade Parent Letter

Resource1 Resource2


 Link to 3rd Grade Parent Letter

Parents can find all these letters and much more on our Desoto County Website.  Our “Math Corner” includes useful information regarding the following: what are the Common Core State Standards; how the standards were developed; information about Common Core, new assessments, and No Child Left Behind; sign-up for Updates from the Mississippi Department of Education; PARCC (Assessment Updates); similarities and differences between Mississippi Framework and the Common Core State Standards. It also provides parents with websites that students can use for practicing concepts and skills. To access our Elementary Math Corner just follow the simple steps below.


Math Corner Link




Desoto County Schools has the best parents anywhere! We know we can’t do this alone. Active communication and collaboration between parents and schools, is vital in student achievement and success!