The Dynamic Duo

Written by: Center Hill Middle Staff and Administration

     Sheila Bruno and Shirley Harrison, a dynamic duo in the true sense, are lifelines to both students and teachers at Center Hill Middle School. As twin sisters, students often get these two teachers confused. However, students never leave either Bruno or Harrison’s class confused- it is clear that these are two remarkable teachers. They both possess true servant’s hearts and their contributions to Center Hill Middle School have been instrumental in making this school a success.

     They are role models to every person in the building and lead by example in everything they do. Their ability to lead others is apparent and displayed daily in their roles as educators and mentors. Students learn from them, listen to them, but, most importantly, respect them. As mentors, Mrs. Bruno and Mrs. Harrison head a school-wide mentoring program for teachers. Building relationships is a skill that not every individual possesses and can be a challenge for many, but both ladies have effortlessly built a rapport with every person in the building. When in need, other teachers, students, and even administration know that they can turn to either Bruno or Harrison for anything. Both are always willing to assist when others need them and most importantly, it’s done with a smile. This trait is a rare gift but one that both educators show that they possess each and every day.

     These educators also provide assistance with technology, keeping equipment organized and functional. Bruno has been the technology coordinator at Horn Lake Middle School, Center Hill High School, and now at Center Hill Middle School. She is the Desoto County Schools Technology Instructor and has trained teachers for continuing education credits since 2003. She also serves as lead teacher for Technology Foundations for Desoto County Schools. Harrison has been a Technology Discovery state trainer for two years. She has been in charge of Capstone training with Pro/DESKTOP software, even creating a tutorial for Capstone which is posted on the Pro/DESKTOP website for students to use. Harrison teaches an online Classroom Management course for RCU Online Learning’s Cool Certification. Their resumes speak for themselves in showing the asset that both of these teachers are, and have been, to Desoto County Schools.

     While working to help other teachers and their students improve, they also are always improving themselves. Both Mrs. Bruno and Mrs. Harrison have attained the illustrious status of being National Board Certified. In addition, they are focused on improving the school and their classrooms. Both have won thousands of dollars in grant money which has given them the ability to work to provide the best technology resources available for their students. Serving as great examples of what it means to be a lifelong learner, both seek to better themselves as teachers, always pushing themselves just a little bit more each year.

     Not only do Bruno and Harrison challenge themselves professionally, they work to spread encouragement and support to their coworkers by heading up the Sunshine Committee which is tasked with providing staff with contributions or gifts during times of need or celebration. More than anything, they focus on ensuring that every employee knows they are supported as a member of the Center Hill family.

     Their work ethic is unparalleled. Their contributions to their school are invaluable. These two women are truly respected by students, teachers, and administration at Center Hill Middle School. Despite the long hours that they work, they never complain. Despite the number of tasks they may personally have at any given time, they are always willing to stop and help anyone in need of assistance. Despite the generous amount of time they dedicate to the school, they never seek praise. They both believe that student achievement and the success of the school are more gratifying than any recognition they could ever receive. However, the accomplishments of Center Hill Middle School are a direct reflection of their devotion to everything they do, and have done, to make this school a success. Thankfully, neither Mrs. Bruno nor Mrs. Harrison seek compliments- there would not ever be enough to give for all they do.